concept exhibition currently showing at The Gallery Steiner in Vienna

- The Fuck with Art - about the Inaccessibility of Art -

The installation The Fuck with Art - Crime Scene - or the Inaccessibility of Art denies the interested person access to the object. The room in which the work of art is presented is closed of by crime scene tape, the work of art is set up in a distance and thus withdraw from closer inspection.

Art is something elitist and is inaccessible to many people due to its pure definition.

The art-market itself has something fascinating and repulsive at the same time. It follows a lawlessness; regular, set by patterns. Art has to have a certain price to even be considered as art at all. It is not enough that the creator of an artwork designates it as such, it always needs an 'influencer' in form a gallery owner/curator/critic/or buyer to elevate the work to art.

Owning art is reserved fo a group of people that has the financial means to afford art; many cannot even afford a visit to the museum.

As much as we wish for art to be accessible to everyone - it is not! That is something that bothers me, that irritates me on the one hand, on the other hand that is the industry and also quite justified - unfortunately not everyone has access to adequate living space, a car, other luxury goods - or even enough food or clean water. That is part of our society unfortunately and we should not ignore this or take it too thoughtlessly.

The installation The Fuck with Art - Crime Scene - or the Inaccessibility of Art addresses the privilege of being able to access and consume art, the privilege that we even have art, that we have the ability to create art and that we can use it to communicate; and thus underlines the socio-cultural, essential and existential significance of all art in all its history, form and expression.